Classic board games that teach us skills

Board games are recommended for developing mental resilience. They enhance mental flexibility and this will help you bounce back whenever adversity strikes. Board games also help you to learn skills like problem-solving, emotional intelligence, decision making, etc. Even though most board games are common among children, adults can learn from them as well.


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Chess is one of the most popular strategy games in the world; it has been around for 500 years and it is common among most individuals. It enhances the growth of the brain as it fuels both sides, and increases the intelligence quotient. It teaches its players focus and concentration; for you to play chess well, you must be focused and constantly visualize your opponent’s moves to be able to counter them. It also teaches planning, foresight, and logical thinking. For instance, you think in terms of cause and effect when playing chess and have to plan your moves, and that is logical thinking.

Cashflow 101

This is a board game that was created by Robert Kiyosaki to help improve people’s financial literacy. It helps individuals figure out how they can get out of the rat race to the fast track of wealth. It teaches individuals the difference between liabilities and assets, how to get a clear picture of their cash flow, how to create an appropriate balance sheet, how to manage and budget cash, how to evaluate financial opportunities, how to invest in businesses, shares, real estate, etc.


Monopoly is a real estate board game. The players in the game develop pieces of property and the person who gets the most money in the end wins. The game explains capitalism and teaches how to win in life. For instance, the game helps you to think like a game player. It teaches you how to evaluate if your decisions will take you closer to achieving your goals. It also teaches you the importance of investment over savings and how to diversify your investment portfolio so that you will have something to fall back on in case one of your investments fails, and why you need to have cash at hand for emergencies.

Settlers of Catan

This is a multiplayer strategy board game in which each player tries to become the dominant force on the island. They are required to use the resources provided to build their settlements. The game teaches players how to manage resources and negotiate with other people. You have to be able to negotiate for the highest value possible if you want to win in life. The game also teaches players how to analyze their environment and how that impacts their game. For instance, you have to evaluate how other players establish their settlements and the resources you need to build yours. You also have to take note of resources that have lost their value and those that have risen in demand. This will help you determine which resources to hoard for greater profits.

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